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Interesting Magazines & Publications for Armchair Historians, Re-Enactors, etc.

This is a very brief listing of some magazines or other publications that have come to our attention, which have articles, notices and ads that might be of interest to those interested in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Some of these cover only that period; others cover other periods as well. Some of these are extremely scholarly and the information documented; others are more or less amateur. To the best of our knowledge, the information was correct when this page was last updated. If you have corrected information, or know of magazines we should list here, please let us know. The publications are listed by the primary language they are published in; addresses etc. are given where we know them. Other information on these publications can be found on the web.


Compleat Anachronist

Is a monograph series published four times a year by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Each issue focuses on a topic relevant to the time period 600 C.E. to 1600 C.E. The Compleat Anachronist gives readers an opportunity to review a subject in much more detail than Tournaments Illuminated, Kingdom Arts and Sciences publications, or local newsletters can provide.

Renaissance Magazine

The magazine focuses on contemporary renaissance faire experience, often with feature articles on events throughout the United States. Readers can also find articles on medieval and renaissance history, and reviews of books and music.

Tournaments Illuminated

Is the Society for Creative Anachronism's quarterly magazine for its membership throughout the Known World.

TI features kingdom news, a humor column, war reports, museums exhibits of interest, medieval destinations, book reviews, and listings of major SCA events . Article topics cover how to thrive in the SCA, as well as works of research on pre-seventeenth-century Western culture.



Is for lovers of history. The magazine is also for joins the lovers of history-related activities such as reenactments, concerts, visiting museums, historic sites or events and festivals of historic character.

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