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Historical Re-Enactment Groups

Obviously, this is by no means a complete listing of those groups recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance, simply a listing of those groups we know about. To the best of our knowledge, the information was correct at the time we got it; that year is listed in parentheses. Some groups have extremely high standards of authenticity, requiring great efforts; others have standards that are a little or a lot looser; some don’t seem to make the slightest effort to be authentic. If that matters to you, check before attending one of their events, or at least before joining their group. Some of these groups are primarily re-enactors, but their group as a whole or some members thereof can be hired to entertain; other groups are professional entertainers – where this is known, we have noted it. If they put on events we may have noted those on the Events page. If you have corrected information, or know of groups we should list here, please let us know.

Multiple Countries

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

This is a huge group of people each of whom is interested in some aspect of the period from 650-1650 A.D. The one requirement is to wear some attempt at a period costume (although many make and wear masterpieces). There are many different branches throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other areas (there has even been at least one branch on a U.S. Naval ship). The SCA holds large and small events of many different types during the year – for example, the Pennsic War held annually in July & August.

United States

The Kingdom of Acre

Dedicated to the accurate recreation of the High Middle Ages (circa 1000-1500) in Western Europe.

The Longship Company, Ltd.

Is a non-profit educational organization devoted to increasing understanding and knowledge of the life, culture, technology, commerce, and exploration of the early northern European seafarers and those with whom they came into contact. (We are an all volunteer organization -- the "Company" in our name refers to a ship's company of its officers and crew.)

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia

A non-profit historical educational organization, incorporated in Maryland and operating mostly from Virginia through the New York City area. They re-enact medieval life by constructing and using reproductions of the periods accoutrements.

Canada - Quebec

La Societe d’Histoire in Memoriam

There are two main themes in groups of SHIM: History of French Canada and History of Europe.

Les Compagnons d’Armes

XV C. Burgundian re-enactors (can be hired) (2009)

La Companie MedievaleMedievale

Professionial entertainers (actors) (2009)

Productions Equus

Specializing in equestrian spectacles. (2009) re-enactors (can be hired) (2009) La Companie Medievale Professionial entertainers (actors) (2009) Productions Equus Specializing in equestrian spectacles. (2009)

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