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Period Pavilions

Pavilion-makers for over 35 years; we wrote the book on Period Pavilions™

We design, make, and sell traditional pavilions, colorful and decorated, as well as a line of faux buildings: cottages, castles, chapels, and more, all made of canvas and steel.  Period Pavilions are perfect not just for historical re-enactments, Renaissance Faires and movies, but for many different events - parties, weddings, school fairs, sales conventions, flea markets, and more.  Accessories available include floor tarps, mud flaps, rain gutters with downspouts, netting & clear walls, interior curtain walls to divide the space, “attics” for storage of light items, and more.

In-stock and Custom Pavilions

We have a large selection of new and used Period Pavilions in stock, available for immediate sale. We also make custom pavilions and faux-buildings to your specifications; unusual shapes are our specialty!
Contact us for a quote - financing is available. Your dream pavilion may be in your reach!


You can butt two or more flat-sided canopies or pavilions together to have more space - the juncture can be protected with a rain gutter and downspouts. We also make expandable pavilions - each can be set up at either of two depths, with roof sections that zip together to be any length desired (like our sales booth at several SCA wars!). Use just the size you need for any particular event, or use extra roof ends to split it into several complete pavilions at one time. Attics can be hung from the frame, inside the roof space, to add storage without taking up floor space (which is not possible with pole tents). All these features make a Period Pavilion very versatile, especially for merchants!


Period Pavilions go up fast, stay up under adverse weather better than pole tents, then break down easily and pack small. Since they are frame tents, you can set them up places where a pole tent can't be used, like paved areas or indoors. Because there are no center poles, you can use the entire space inside any way you like. Unless otherwise noted, all walls are separate from the tent roof, making them easier to pack and clean. Since they are hung from the perimeter poles, they can be swung up to form a canopy, hung or slid open in many different arrangements, left off entirely, or replaced by netting or clear walls. For safety as well as convenience, each pavilion has at least 2 entrances; in most cases, you can arrange the walls so at least one of the doors opens exactly where desired. Each pavilion comes with complete, fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions, and the joints and poles are color-coded for ease of assembly.

Longevity, Safety and Comfort

We use materials that last for decades without constant re-treating, and that enhance your safety. Then we put in lots of convenient features like wall windows and roof vents that open and close from inside the pavilion.

Coryn Making a Pavilion in her Workshop
Coryn Working on a Pavilion in her Workshop

To purchase a Period Pavilion

To purchase a Period Pavilion, whether stock or custom, call or text Coryn at 571-212-5003 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect pavilion from those in stock, or designing the custom pavilion of your dreams.

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Period Pavilion


Period Pavilions in stock

With one exception (Belle Ronde), each traditional pavilion and faux-building is unique. Some are used, others in stock haven’t been used yet. Some are not yet decorated, giving you the option to decorate it yourself. We can sometime switch walls between pavilion or make custom walls of a different color if that suits your needs better. All pavilions are subject to prior sale, and our stock is constantly changing. Please ask us for a updated listing of the ones currently in stock plus color pictures of most of them. We would be happy to advise you, based on our 47 years of making and using pavilions.

Custom Period Pavilions

If you don’t see a pavilion that you like listed for sale on our website, ask us for a quote on a custom traditional pavilion or faux-building. Period shapes like barbells, or pavilions with turrets? Unusual tents like pagodas or pirate ships, rockets or planes? We can do them. Please allow plenty of time for custom pavilions - there are times when we are booked several months ahead.

Come by our booth at many SCA wars

Visit us to chat and to check out our diorama of miniature pavilions and faux buildings (you’ll be both amused and inspired!). Children and adults alike love the miniature people, animals, etc. And because we know emergencies happen, we always bring a few extra pavilions to War.

Any of the pavilions and canopies with flat sides can be butted against another pavilion with flat sides, and the join protected against rain with a rain gutter and down spouts.

Period Pavilions™ - The Book! by Coryn Weigle

If you would rather make your own pavilion, check out Period Pavilions™ - The Book! It will save you a great deal of time, effort, money, and disappointment, and show you how to do things you hadn't considered before (for example, a wall window).

(Out of Print, currently being revised and expanded.)

General quotes we received on our period pavilions:

  • Ellen S. I really like your pavilions. For ease of putting up, they beat anything else I have dealt with. Once properly staked down, they move less in high winds than centerpole pavilions with high wind lines.

    Ellen S.
  • Karen H."Your pavilions are incredibly roomy and ventilate well - we've never had a stuffy tent. Yet they are not really cold at night. They are eminently versatile - one can set up in different ways as needed, and even have a closet or garderobe. Everyone who uses ours likes them. They set up easily, they come down easily, even an idiot can set them up! But they stay up, and mine have never leaked - even in the gales at Pennsic. They allow mobility and flexibility. Having used my first one for years, I find the metal framework is definitely preferable to wood because it does not shatter, split, crack, warp, or get termites." Karen Hume owns two pavilions; other members of her household own 6 others. She resent a letter in 2003.

    Karen H.
  • Jaap K. of Yumi's Bows."I am very happy with my pavilion, it stayed up in the Texas winds and didn't leak in the pouring rain. When I saw how fast that other merchant's tent burned up, I was very relieved I had one of yours - she had no time to save anything. It packs so small, it doesn't take up too much space in my car. It is not hard to put up by myself, too. I tell everyone how much I like it."

    Jaap K. of Yumi's Bows.
  • Marilyn T., Evanston, WY. "We went to an event in Idaho. There were massive winds - the ranger later said they were steady at 45 mph, with gusts to over 70. Our yurt was one of the few still standing after the storm, as was the tiny dome tent in the lee of ours! Of course yurts are designed for high winds, but still, we are very impressed!" : Note - we do NOT recommend having any kind of pavilion or tent up in this kind of wind, but were delighted hers survived so well.

    Marilyn T., Evanston, WY.
  • Andre W."I have one of your tents that I purchased from a friend years ago, and love it. I am interested in purchasing another. Can you please send me information"

    Andre W. Dec 2016
  • Gypsey T. "If I send you a pattern can you sew me a pavillion top? I have two pop ups that I use for my events. Because of my age they are the easiest to put up by myself. However I would like a canvas cover for them. If I send you the exact dimensions of the cover I want can you sew it for me in the lightest waterproof canvas you have. I have had your tents before and love your workmanship and quality..."

    Gypsey T. Dec 2016
  • Monika B. "Kathea (Coryn) made a tent for me and it was awesome! I especially like the way the vent works!"

    Monika B. 17 March 2015
  • Shair S."I got nothing but compliments on the tent even while it was being put up, from other vendors as well as others. It's really beautiful, it's very unique, it's very easy to spot me and the colors are perfect. It's also been very easy to open and close (the doors). I'm really enjoying it. Since I have had it, I have had an amazing number of compliments."

    Shair S. 17 March 2015
  • Shari S. of The Broom Closet, bought Melis "I am so excited to have found you! GH of TL gave me your information and you are exactly what I am looking for"

    Shari S. of The Broom Closet, bought Melis 17 March 2015
  • CH, "We bought 1 of your tents right after renting it from you. (we love love love it!)" C & GH, April 2012 (the tent they bought was called Kamala, 10' x 10'.) "We love our Kamala...the canvas that you use (cause it's awesome!)...Once again, we tell EVERYONE about you! Our Kamala tent was only 1 of tents that survived the great bend KS ren faire tornado 2 years ago (every underhill was destroyed)." A day later her husband wrote "(great tent! I have epic stories of durability!)...we love your work...".

    CH, May 2012

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