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Cottages & Castles, Churches & Chapels, Shops, Manors & More!

These "buildings" all canvas and paint over a steel frame, but they sure are fun!

Roofs are painted to look like terracotta tiles, slate, wood shingles or thatch; most have hidden roof vents that open from the inside. The walls look like half-timbering, stone, or whitewashed plaster, and can be re-arranged to put at least 1 door in the front or the side as desired.

Some of the buildings have Dutch doors, with top and bottom sections; others have double doors, with a left and a right section. Unless otherwise noted, the doors are "wood", i.e. brown canvas; "wood" beams and slats may be brown canvas or paint. Any building with only one door has a concealed second, emergency exit (useful during set-up and break-down). Unless otherwise noted, all windows have clear “glass” for protection against wind and rain, as well as "wood shutters” inside for privacy; some windows have insect netting screens as well. Arrow slits have shutters but no glass. All windows or arrow slits open completely, when desired, and all glass, shutters and netting open and shut from inside.

The buildings can be used alone, or be put together in many different combinations, using rain gutters to be sure there are no leaks where the buildings butt together. Or consider Otto, the expandable faux building (see pages 4-6), to have just the size you need for any given event. Almost all of these faux buildings would look great combined with the Katarina canopy (below). And for extra storage without losing floor space within the pavilion itself, add an attic (see page 8), or use a storage shed (Woody) or chimney (Smokey) outside against the building!


Katarina looks like a wooden pergola, but has a clear roof to keep you dry when it rains. Wood slats go from front to back, the overhangs are wood beams and the metal legs are concealed by 6" wood beams. It looks great with most of the faux buildings, especially Otto, Denys, Burg Katz, Sly, and Joshua. Clear walls or netting walls, also available for sale, can make Katarina even more useful. 7’4” deep x 14’6” wide. $400.00 ($610 if new).


Woody, left, looks like a storage shed of rough wood planks with a sloping roof and double doors in front. It sits against a building between the guy ropes; the back extends up under the building’s overhang to keep the area between the two dry. About 2' x 6', 5'8" tall in back. Used for 4 weeks; $425 used ($505 if new).


Smokey, right, is a storage tent that looks like a brick chimney. The bottom 6'7" of the front closes on both sides with concealed Velcro for full access. Tuck it against a building between the guy ropes, and gain storage without losing living area or taking more room in camp. Shown with one of our thatched stone cottages. About 2 1/2' x 5', 14' tall (will hold a 12’ ladder!). Used for 4 weeks, Smokey is $610 ($715 if new).


Keith, left, amazes even us! Designed for Pagoda Software to use at conventions, it certainly did attract attention! The full version has 2 roof lines and is about 15’ tall. Or leave off the upper wall and lower roof, plus the matching frame parts, to bring it down to about 12’ tall. The taller version will fit in most convention halls! For camping events or use as a booth at a Renfaire, you could build a loft inside to use for sleeping or storage. 14’6”’ x 14’6”’ at the upper level, flaring to 19’3” x 19’3” at the ground, 12 or 15’ tall; 4 doors. Inventory Reduction sale - $2,500 used ($5,305 if new).

Burg Katz

Burg Katz, right, is lots of fun and extremely eye-catching, a light grey stone cottage with two 5'x 5' turrets sewn to the roof of light grey slate shingles. You can remove the roof of either turret to have someone standing on a ladder behind the painted crenels and heckling the crowd or watch a battle. Left - We even staged a Marshmallow Melee during Midnight Madness at the last few Pennsics, with a maiden in the tower (standing on a ladder) exchanging fire as fast as possible. Katz would make a great gatehouse for an encampment, especially if the 2 large windows were facing into camp, and there were sentries at the door and in the towers.! Each turret roof has a concealed vent, while the walls have 2 doors, 6 arrow slits and 2 large windows. Arrange them as you like! 9’7” x 14’6”, 13’ tall. Used for 5 weeks; $3,600 used ($4,170 if new). The floor tarp that matches Burg Katz is $280 used ($320 if new).


Colleen, left, is a little gem of a cottage, with a thatched roof, white-washed walls, and heraldic shutters sewn flanking the two windows. The shutters (red and white) can be replaced with ones in your heraldic colors or preferred designs, or simple “wood” shutters (there are functional wood shutters inside, for privacy). There is one Dutch door and a concealed emergency exit in the back. Shown set up on pavement. 9’7” x 9’7”, 11’3” tall. Used for 3 days; $1,750 ($2,085 if new). The floor tarp that matches Colleen is $160 used ($215 if new).


Sly is light grey stone with a roof of grey fish scale shingles. One regular door, 1 Dutch door, 3 windows and 2 roof vents allow plenty of ventilation. 9’7” x 14’6”, 11’3” tall. Used for 2 weeks; $2,055 ($2,685 if new). The floor tarp that matches Sly is $280 used ($320 if new).


Joshua left, has a roof of light colored thatch wrapped 12” around the roof ends to simulate the thickness. Josh has 1 roof vent, 1 Dutch door, 1 regular door and 4 windows (each smaller than Colby’s); 9’7” x 19’3”, 11’8” tall. Used for 2 weeks; $2,579 used ($3,110 if new). The floor tarp that matches Josh is $315 used $425 if new)


Otto is an expandable faux-building, and is described and illustrated in the expandable pavilions section.

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