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Pavilions Accessories

Period Pavilions Accessories

Clear and Netting Walls

Clear and Netting Walls can replace canvas walls to allow more visibility (great for merchants when it’s raining or cold), while netting walls admit more air while keeping insects out. These walls must be quoted according to the specific size needed; there is no charge for substitution for a standard wall.

Floor Tarps

Floor Tarps are made of a heavy fabric coated on both sides with vinyl; most have the edges hemmed. These are very sturdy and totally waterproof, but won’t feel clammy, won’t get moldy, and won't ground-rot like canvas tarps. We have tarps to match almost all of our pavilions, some new, some used. Tarps in non-rectangular shapes like rounds and octagonals are priced like the smallest rectangle they would fit into. These sizes fit our most common pavilions.

Mud flaps

Mud flaps extend 5" up the inside of the wall and 6" under the tarp, to keep flowing, blowing, and/or dripping water out of the pavilion; they also deter insects. Since they are not sewn to the wall, wet or muddy flaps can be packed separately from the clean or dry walls, and can easily be washed and dried after an event. $1.75 per foot to purchase, new; used flaps are sometimes available.

Rain gutters

Rain gutters connect two pavilions or a pavilion & canopy, so water does not cascade down between them; $4.40 per running foot to purchase new. Down spouts to direct the water away from the pavilions are $28 each to purchase new. Used gutters and down spouts are some-times available.

Interior curtains to divide the pavilion

Interior curtains to divide the pavilion can be hung on existing cross bars, or on ropes strung where desired. Many different sizes, colors and decoration patterns are available - call for details and a quote.

Lace curtains

Lace curtains can be hung at the windows of any of the buildings for a touch of class, a little more privacy, a little shade, or just for fun. Call for details and a quote.


Attics are suspended in the roof space, and allow storage of light items off the floor and out of the way. Attics can’t be used in pole tents, only with the free-standing metal frames standard with Period Pavilions. Call for details and a quote.

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