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Details on Materials and Designs

Details on Materials and Designs

Safety, Longevity and Comfort

The canvas we use exceeds the toughest national standards of fire resistance, and never need to be re-treated; the labels include all information required by fire marshals. While it breathes, the canvas is also extremely water- and mildew-resistant. It is warranted against excessive sun-rot and sun-fading for 5 years continuous year-around use outdoors. This makes Period Pavilions long-lasting; some are well over 20 years old and are still being used regularly; one Period Pavilion is over 37 years old and still used as a merchant booth.

Unless otherwise noted, all frames are steel and free-standing; this adds strength and stability while eliminating center poles that limit use of the interior of the pavilion. The free-standing frame also permits the pavilions to be set up where standard pole tents cannot - on pavement, wood floors, stages, flat-bed trucks, etc. In some circumstances, guy ropes can be left off, for example on an indoor stage. Unless otherwise noted, all leg poles about 6'8" tall and are against the walls.

All walls are separate from the roof, and the number of walls = the number of doors. All pavilions have at least 2 doors, or a door and a hidden exit, for safety and convenience. Faux buildings have "wood" doors (some have Dutch or arched doors, or extra-wide ones). For both convenience and safety, we use velcro, invisible from the outside, to close doors and windows (ties can get knotted and zippers can get stuck, making it hard to get in or out during an emergency). The Velcro also lets you know if a burglar is sneaking into the tent, or your toddler (or your teenage daughter!) is heading out in the wee hours of the morning.

Wall windows in traditional pavilions have netting about the same color as the fabric, with interior covers for rain, wind, warmth and privacy. Wall windows in the faux-buildings can be opened completely, with clear "glass" against rain, wind or cold, plus wood "shutters" for privacy; one has insect netting as well. Almost all pavilions, whether traditional in style or a faux-building, have roof vents that blend or are hidden. All vents and windows open and shut from the inside.


All pavilions come with complete, fully-illustrated step-by-step set-up, use, and break-down instructions. The joints and poles are color-coded for ease in setting the pavilion up.

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