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Pricing, Terms and Policies

Pricing Terms and Policies


new and used Period Pavilions offer excellent value. All pavilions are priced in the catalog as "complete", i.e. the price includes the roof, walls (except for canopies), and frame, plus all ropes, stakes, wall hooks, etc. needed to put it up and use it. If desired, pavilions can be purchased “incomplete”, and the price would be discounted appropriately. For used pavilions and floor tarps, the purchase price if it were new is given for your information.
The Prices
The prices on the web site or in the catalog do not include discounts or delivery. All prices listed on the web page or in the catalog are subject to change without notice, but no prices will be changed once contracts have been sent. If a pavilion is being sold "incomplete", the contract will reflect that fact and the price adjustment.


We offer discounts for people or organizations who purchase multiple pavilions at once or over time, and for charities. Within the SCA, we also offer discounts for pavilions purchased for official use at SCA events, for use by SCA royalty in a kingdom encampment, and for 3 pavilions purchased for a single camp or household. Some restrictions apply.

Terms and Financing

We offer terms and financing to well-qualified purchasers; some restrictions apply, and details will vary depending on the purchaser and the contract. We’ll quote you an exact amount before you sign a contract.


We can usually ship or deliver in-stock pavilions on very short notice, and custom ones quickly. We can hand-deliver to certain events, although there may be some restrictions. In all cases, because the number of pavilions being shipped or delivered, their size, and destination varies so much, we cannot quote a firm delivery price on the web site or in this catalog. We will research the least expensive way to deliver the pavilions and other items. The exact cost will be quoted, of course, once the pavilions are chosen and before a contract is signed.

Set-up and Break-down Instructions

Complete, fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions are included with each pavilion, and the joints and poles are color-coded for ease of assembly. The number of people needed for a set-up or break-down crew, and the time it will take to set up or break down, is directly dependent on the number and style of pavilions involved and the experience of the crew. Two or three experienced people can set up a 10’ x 20’ pavilion in 30-45 minutes (15 minutes for 3 people who are very experienced, and hungry!). Break-down takes less time. If we are delivering the pavilions, an experienced member of our staff will go over the instructions with you.

Reserving the Desired Pavilion

All pavilions are subject to prior purchase; reserve early, especially during the summer months and for SCA wars. We are happy to put a soft hold on any pavilion while you think about it, with right of first refusal. To guarantee a pavilion, we need 2 signed copies of the contract in hand, plus payments as scheduled in the contract.

After-sales support

We take great pride in supporting our customers after the purchase of a pavilion. If you need a part, a repair, or other help, please feel free to call us. Also for advice, or just to talk tents - they are our passion! Also, if someone purchases a Period Pavilion from us and later wishes to sell it, we will list it in our catalog with our own used pavilions, and take no fee for helping the owner sell it. We may even offer to buy it back ourselves!


We'd rather treat you right, and have you tell others about us, than have to spend money and time on advertising. We have many repeat customers for both rental and purchase; references are available from individuals, companies and event organizers.

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