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Period Pavilion Rentals

Pavilion-makers for over 35 years; we wrote the book on Period Pavilions™

We are delighted to announce that rentals of Period Pavilions are now being handled exclusively by Campaign Tents.

They offer all of our pavilions and faux-buildings, with full-service set-up and break-down available as an option. Let them pamper you! Also, if you are flying into War or space in your car is limited, you can rent a bedding package (cot, sleeping bag, sheets and towels) or even a full camp kitchen (all you need to cook for a crowd, plus dishes for 4 - wood-handled utensils, wooden dishes, pewter mugs and goblets, and ceramic mugs). Make your event a real vacation

For Period Pavilion Rentals

Contact Campaign Tents
Phone: (703) 941-1066
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Try Before You Buy - Rent Rebates Towards a Purchase

Unsure if a particular pavilion is right for you, or what size, shape or colors would work best? Try out a Period Pavilion by renting it. If you decide to purchase a pavilion, all or part of the rent paid will be credited against the price of the pavilion (the amount rebated will depend on which pavilion you rent, which you buy, and the time between rental and purchase).

This means you can rent the pavilion you like for an event, try it out, then buy it before the event ends wit credit for all rent paid. If you can take it home with you, you can save the shipping or delivery back to us – or if you can’t haul it home, we can ship it to you. If you decide to by a different Period Pavilion, or to buy after the event is over, part of the rent paid for that event will be credited – the amount will depend on the length of time between the event and the sale, and which pavilion(s) you rented & purchase.

Comments we've received on our period pavilions:
  • Ellen S. I really like your pavilions. For ease of putting up, they beat anything else I have dealt with. Once properly staked down, they move less in high winds than centerpole pavilions with high wind lines.

    Ellen S.
  • Karen H.“Your pavilions are incredibly roomy and ventilate well - we’ve never had a stuffy tent. Yet they are not really cold at night. They are eminently versatile - one can set up in different ways as needed, and even have a closet or garderobe. Everyone who uses ours likes them. They set up easily, they come down easily, even an idiot can set them up! But they stay up, and mine have never leaked - even in the gales at Pennsic. They allow mobility and flexibility. Having used my first one for years, I find the metal framework is definitely preferable to wood because it does not shatter, split, crack, warp, or get termites.” Karen Hume owns two pavilions; other members of her household own 6 others. She resent a letter in 2003.

    Karen H.
  • Jaap K. of Yumi’s Bows.“I am very happy with my pavilion, it stayed up in the Texas winds and didn’t leak in the pouring rain. When I saw how fast that other merchant’s tent burned up, I was very relieved I had one of yours - she had no time to save anything. It packs so small, it doesn’t take up too much space in my car. It is not hard to put up by myself, too. I tell everyone how much I like it.”

    Jaap K. of Yumi’s Bows.
  • Marilyn T., Evanston, WY. “We went to an event in Idaho. There were massive winds – the ranger later said they were steady at 45 mph, with gusts to over 70. Our yurt was one of the few still standing after the storm, as was the tiny dome tent in the lee of ours! Of course yurts are designed for high winds, but still, we are very impressed!” : Note - we do NOT recommend having any kind of pavilion or tent up in this kind of wind, but were delighted hers survived so well.

    Marilyn T., Evanston, WY.
  • Andre W.“I have one of your tents that I purchased from a friend years ago, and love it. I am interested in purchasing another. Can you please send me information…”

    Andre W. Dec 2016
  • Gypsey T. “If I send you a pattern can you sew me a pavillion top? I have two pop ups that I use for my events. Because of my age they are the easiest to put up by myself. However I would like a canvas cover for them. If I send you the exact dimensions of the cover I want can you sew it for me in the lightest waterproof canvas you have. I have had your tents before and love your workmanship and quality…”

    Gypsey T. Dec 2016
  • Monika B. “Kathea (Coryn) made a tent for me and it was awesome! I especially like the way the vent works!”

    Monika B. 17 March 2015
  • Shair S.“I got nothing but compliments on the tent even while it was being put up, from other vendors as well as others. It’s really beautiful, it’s very unique, it’s very easy to spot me and the colors are perfect. It’s also been very easy to open & close (the doors). I’m really enjoying it. Since I have had it, I have had an amazing number of compliments.”

    Shair S. 17 March 2015
  • Shari S. of The Broom Closet, bought Melis “I am so excited to have found you! GH of TL gave me your information and you are exactly what I am looking for”

    Shari S. of The Broom Closet, bought Melis 17 March 2015
  • CH, “We bought 1 of your tents right after renting it from you. (we love love love it!)” C & GH, April 2012 (the tent they bought was called Kamala, 10’ x 10’.) “We love our Kamala…the canvas that you use (cause it’s awesome!)…Once again, we tell EVERYONE about you! Our Kamala tent was only 1 of tents that survived the great bend KS ren faire tornado 2 years ago (every underhill was destroyed).” A day later her husband wrote “(great tent! I have epic stories of durability!)…we love your work…”.

    CH, May 2012

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