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Period Pattern ™ No.52
Tudor Era Headdresses, c. 1490-1580 A.D.

Includes patterns for 17 different headdresses. Wear them with the gowns from Period Patterns no. 41 (Italian Renaissance), 46 (German Renaissance), 51 (early Tudor) & 56 (late Tudor and Elizabethan).

Even in headdresses, the Renaissance was much more individualistic than the Middle Ages had been. Many radically different styles of headdresses were fashionable during the Tudor period in France, England, Flanders and the Netherlands. In general, the more elaborate headdresses were smaller and cut closer the head than previous fashions. The simpler ones were more tailored than the many different varieties of veils favored in earlier fashion trends. Snoods were worn without veils, and many different versions of hoods were seen. Some styles were seen almost exclusively in one area or country, while others were more widespread. Rich fabrics, trims and jewels were worn by those who could afford them.

No.52, view IX, French stockingette cap - Pennsic, 2016
No.52, view VII, red satin French hood - VM, summer 1985
No.52, view II, early Beguin hood, worn with #51, view V - LL, 1988    maybe better because cropped
No.52, view XVI, red velvet snood with ribbon trim
No-52, view I, worn with a kirtle from #51 (view I) - KN, Estrella
No.52, French hood worn over a frill-edged coif - R
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Comments we've received on this pattern:

  • Carla P.“I made this dress for the University of New Orleans Madrigal Dinners…I made the hat following the instructions I got from ya’ll…This was my first try at a costume like this, and I think it came out pretty well…I think I had the best-looking costume there! I’m looking forward to trying some of ya’lls other patterns. I also have plans for some other dresses. Thanks.”
    See her picture in #51 & #52; we think they came out very well indeed!

    Carla P.

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