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Period Pattern ™ No.58
Men's Elizabethan Garments, c. 1558-1605 A.D.

Includes patterns for 7 doublets, 5 pairs of trunkhose, 1 pair of Venetians, 1 pair of slops, a falling collar and cuffs, in sizes 34-54. These garments should be worn over shirts from Period Patterns no. 43 or 53, and go well with hose from Period Patterns no. 43 and 101, ruffs from no. 90, capes from no. 92, and pouches and purses from no. 93.

The late Tutor period was a time of transition and uncertainty with 3 rulers in 11 years (not to mention Lady Jane Grey, who only ruled for 9 days), and the country endured violent switches from Protestant to Catholic and back to Protestant again.

During the early part of this period the men's styles changed faster than woman's fashions. Gowns (Period Pattern no. 53) declined in popularity, and a new emphasis was placed on the lower trunk. Even with the peasecod belly doublet and trunk hose, men's styles could not compete with the sheer bulk of the women's gowns during Elizabeth's later reign. Late in the period men wore neck ruffs and later the falling collar, sometimes together. They also wore wrist ruffs and cuffs (Period Pattern no. 90 - sized for women).

Doublets and hose could be plain and somber, or quite colorful; they could be made of plain linen and wool or brocaded velvet with gold threads woven into the design.

Embroidered fabrics were fashionable, using linen, wool, silk or metallic threads; pearls and jewels were sometimes sewn to garments (and sometimes lost - the inventory book of Elizabeth’s wardrobe mentions a number of times a jewel or pearl was “lost from her majesty’s back”). The limit was whatever the owner could afford (and the sumptuary laws allowed!). 

No.58 based on various views  Her gown is  no56, views II and III with some alterations ruffs
No.58 based on various views with ruffs from no90
No.58, view III doublet, altered; view V venetians (pants) - Pennsic
No.58, view VI - Pennsic
No.58, view III doublet  & view V venetians (pants)
No.58, view III, sleeves altered - Pennsic
No.58, view VII - KC, Pennsic, 2004
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