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Period Pattern ™ No.102
More Medieval Military Garments

Includes patterns for 2 coats of plates, 1 globose-breasted lentner (gambeson), 1 globose-breasted angel-wing tunic (with or without dags on the sleeves), 3 padded coifs and 1 gorget (neck protection). These garments go well with capes from Period Pattern no. 92, as well as pouches and purses from no. 93

These garments are functional fighting garb for use in the Society for Creative Anachronism and other re-enactment or recreation groups. Both the lentner and angel-wing tunic can also be used as it or in an adapted form for civilian wear in such groups.

Chain mail and plate armor were very expensive, and economically unfeasible for the average soldier of the Middle Ages. Most had to make do with padded garments to keep them save from swords, daggers, arrows, and other dangers they encountered. Padded lentners, a version of a gambeson, or an angel-wing tunic (both with a globose or puffed chest), could be worn alone, over mail or under a breastplate.

For those who could afford it, a coat of plates gave extra protection, with or without mail underneath. Padded coifs gave protection to the head, and were necessary for comfort under mail coifs and helmets, while a simple collar or gorget gave additional protection to the neck .

No.102, view II prototype
No-102, view II, hem altered
No.102, view II; an equally snazzy squire is a nice touch
No.102, view II, ready to menace the maiden
No.102, view III prototype, worn under a breastplate - BW, Virginia
No.102, view III prototype, after the battle - BW, Virginia

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Materials used for armor was generally sturdy and plain, linen, wool, and leather mostly, although very rarely silk was used. It could be colorful, and a lentner or angel-wing tunic might be decorated with applique or paint. It might even have some embroidery on it, since it wasn’t meant to be worn under mail, where the embroidery would be rubbed, ripped, and made filthy in far too short a time.

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