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Period Pattern No.102

More Mediaeval Military Garments

No.102 view III prototype worn under a breastplate - BW Virginia
No.102 view II hem altered
Prototypes No.102 view II coat of plates, worn with #101, view V hose,  and #23, view III hood with liripipe - BR, Marksburg Castle, 1979.jpg
prototypes No.102 view III lentner worn with 101 view V hose, PH Marksburg Castle 1979
No.102 view III, prototype worn over a breastplate hose are from101 - BW Virginia
No.102 view II completely dressed with the great helm over te small helm
No.102 view II an equally snazzy squire is a nice touch
No.102 view II ready to menace the maiden
No.102 view II completely dressed wearing a small helm and carrying the great helm

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